Workers Under Attack — Again | ThinkProgress

Want to know what happens if the Republicans get control of your state. Just a sampling:

After sweeping into complete control of state government for the first time in almost a decade following the 2010 election, Michigan Republicans wasted little time before pursuing numerous pieces of right-wing legislation, including

An anti-democratic “emergency manager” law that let appointed managers completely take away control of municipal governments from elected representatives*

An anti-LGBT law prohibiting the state from providing benefits to the partners of unmarried workers

A bill forcing unemployed workers off unemployment insurance

A $1.7 BILLION corporate tax cut (shockingly, this is actually less than the $2.1 BILLION tax cut Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder wanted)

Billions in cuts to future retirement and health care commitments

A tax increase on the working poor

An end to the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit

A cut in funding for school districts of eight to ten percent,

A cut in aid for 11,000 low-income families and nearly 30,000 children,

A regressive increase in personal taxes

A tax credit for fetuses as a back door means of “personhood,” despite having previously eliminated the state’s tax credit for actual living, breathing children

The nation’s most radical anti-abortion bill, which the legislature is rushing to pass right now

via Workers Under Attack — Again | ThinkProgress.

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