Employees at Billion Dollar Companies Fight for a Living Wage

Do you believe someone should work full-time and not make enough to live?

Fighting for the rights of low-wage workers is critical, and it’s something that the nation as a whole should be supporting. Better wages equal greater opportunities for economic involvement, which could be a key component of economic recovery; more spending power for workers currently fighting to make ends meet means more demand for a range of goods. Higher wages also means fewer people depending on social services for survival, and a regrowth of the U.S. middle class.

via Employees at Billion Dollar Companies Fight for a Living Wage.

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One Response to Employees at Billion Dollar Companies Fight for a Living Wage

  1. Hav Mir says:

    Wages for the middle class have been flat for nearly 40 years when adjusted for inflation. This flat line correlates well with the loss of union membership and collective bargaining over the same period –going from about 40% union membership in the early 1970’s to less than 6% and shrinking now. Over the same period CEO pay has risen exponentially into the stratosphere where Executive compensation is 600 to 1000 times what the average worker makes in the same industry. This incredibly large gap between worker and executive ranks makes it nearly impossible for bosses to know the financial challenges faced by workers much less empathize with the difficulty workers face to live decent middle class lives.

    This disparity started with former B movie actor elected President Ronald Reagan and his active efforts to decimate employee unions. Reagan’s ideology, shared by rank and file Republicans, stipulates unions and collective bargaining are outgrowths of socialism which must be rooted out and destroyed to protect Capitalism uber allies.

    Unless and until; Unions and Collectivism resurges in the country there will be no forceful mechansim to bring wages more equitably in line with productivity and Executive pay.

    We have entered into a period of Plutocracy where many of the idle rich add to their fortunes through no efforts of their own, but through shrewd trading by quants, hedgers and asset traders. This skewing towards to ultra rich like Romney and Trump is unsustainable and untenable in a pluralistic democracy. The strength, wealth and jobs in America come from the demand for goods and services created by the middle class and those striving to get into the middle class.

    Our nation made a decision to put plutocratic centered governments into power… Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2 and elevated wild eyed and wronghheaded social rightwing extremist republicans into the House and Senate. Given the current state of nihilistic ideology of Republicans, there is very little Democratic adults can do in either house or the Presidency for that matter. I am convinced Americans want more pain and self-inflicted punishment until they reject Republicans or demographics pushes Republican extremism into the dust bin of history. In either scenario- Republicans will make us all suffer… just how long we put up with their misanthropic antics is up to us the voters.

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