Buyer of Wild Horses Under Investigation by State, Feds | NationofChange

I find it amazing that the government can sell so many horses to one man without requiring any proof that of what he is doing with them.

Davis, 64, a livestock hauler and proponent of the horse meat industry who lives in La Jara, 15 miles southwest of Alamosa, has purchased more than 1,700 wild horses from the federal Bureau of Land Management since 2008 — roughly 70 percent of all horses sold by the agency.

Davis signed agreements with the BLM, which is charged with managing and protecting wild horses, promising not to sell any to slaughter.

As detailed in an investigation published by ProPublica in September, Davis has brand inspections documents for 765 horses, which say he shipped these animals to Texas towns near the Mexican border.

There is no information about disposition of the other horses he purchased from the BLM. In an interview this spring, Davis said he found the horses good homes, but declined to provide records showing what happened to them. Reached by phone at his home this week, he said again that he has lived up to his sale contracts with the BLM.

via Buyer of Wild Horses Under Investigation by State, Feds | NationofChange.

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