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The New Math

As the Democrats were fond of saying this year: It’s not politics, it’s math. Here’s some math that Congressional Republicans – and austerity-minded Democrats – are going to have to deal with:

2 to 1: Voters have given Democrats two of three branches of elected government. Two out of three, as they say, ain’t bad. In fact, it’s a mandate to govern. When you’ve only got one out of three branches, you may be a partner in the political process – but you’re the junior partner.

12,744,844: Democratic Senatorial candidates got 12,744,844 more votes than Republicans this year. According to my rough calculations, Democratic candidates got 57.44% of the popular vote. Republicans only got 41.57 percent.

Harry Reid’s been saying all along that he doesn’t want to cut Social Security. The voters agree with him. Deal with it, Republicans.

Zero: That’s the approximate number of candidates whose embrace for the “Simpson Bowles” austerity plan was a pathway to victory. That plan would cut Social Security and Medicare benefits, and sharply cut into all forms of government spending, while lowering taxes even more for millionaires and corporations. It would almost certainly raise taxes sharply, however, for the middle class.

via After the Election, a New Mandate – and New “Fiscal Cliff” Math – Campaign for America’s Future | Blog.

New MathWikipedia: New Mathematics or New Math was a brief, dramatic change in the way mathematics was taught in American grade schools, and to a lesser extent in European countries, during the 1960s.

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