Shocking Report Explodes 5 Myths About American Education | Alternet

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD report, which compares the educational systems of over 30 developed nations, provides data that, when it comes to education, proves we’re so far from being number one, that the entire idea of American exceptionalism should be called into question.

Myth #1: Our educational system provides more upward mobility than any other in the world.

Myth #2: Our teachers protected by their greedy unions work less and get paid more.

Myth #3: Big government via our tax dollars funds higher education.

Myth #4: We provide excellent early childhood education.

Myth #5: We have the highest percentage of college grads in the world.

You see, none of these myths apply to the wealthy. Their kids get plenty of early childhood education. Their kids don’t attend run-down schools. Their kids don’t run up debts in order to go to college. In fact, our elites are positioned perfectly to thrive in a global economy. They can attack public schools, teachers unions, big government and not suffer the consequences. Frankly they don’t give a damn about our international rankings. The rich are quite happy for the rest of us to swallow the myth of American exceptionalism, even when reality shows how exceptionally bad we are at providing decent education for all of our people.

via Shocking Report Explodes 5 Myths About American Education | Alternet.

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