The Talented Mr. Romney |

“Economists are pressing Romney to explain how his plan works because the numbers don’t add up. They don’t know they’re living in a unsettling mystery novel where nothing adds up. Other economists are staggered by the fact that Romney’s tax plan would cut taxes for the richest among us while actually raising them for the 95 percent of Americans who aren’t wealthy. The average American earning less than $200,000 would get a tax hike of $2,000, while the wealthiest 0.1 percent would would get an average tax cut of nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Who has the audacity to attempt a deception that big, that bold, that obvious? Who thinks they could could get away with something like that? Tom Ripley, that’s who. Romney’s plan takes everybody else’s money and gives it to ultra-rich people like himself. Remember: What was once yours becomes his …”

The Talented Mr. Romney |

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